[ACCRA, February 29, 2024] – Ghana Athletics proudly announces the final team selection for Athletics for the upcoming 2023/24 Africa Games. This communique aims to publicize the names of the selected athletes and the rigorous selection process adhering to the 2024 Ghana Athletics Selection Policy and Qualifying Standards.
The team selection was conducted meticulously, adhering to the 2024 Ghana Athletics Selection Policy and Qualifying Standards. Running events’ A and B standards were determined by the adjusted 12th-ranked and 24th-ranked 2023 African performances, respectively. Similarly, field events’ A and B standards are set by the adjusted 9th-ranked and 18th-ranked 2023 African performances, respectively. The utilization of the B-standard underscores our commitment to nurturing the next generation of Ghanaian world-class athletes, focusing on developmental goals and identifying pipeline prospects with promising career trajectories.
Given the timing of the Games, i.e., March 2024, indoor equivalent standards, based on World Athletics scoring table equivalents, were established for various events, ensuring parity and fairness in selection criteria. Concerning the intent to participate, all long-listed Ghanaian athletes were provided with ample opportunity during January and February 2024 to express their availability for participation in the Africa Games.
The Technical Committee of Ghana Athletics convened on February 28th to finalize the selection process, ensuring transparency and integrity in athlete selection. Athletes who indicated disinterest or failed to respond to the interest inquiry were excluded from consideration.
Finally, it should be noted that the Local Organizing Committee (LOC), in coordination with the office of the Chef de Mission (CDM), approved 36 slots total for Athletics, evenly distributed with 18 slots allocated for women and 18 for men. Ghana Athletics is actively petitioning for additional slots to provide more athletes with the opportunity to compete on home soil.
Ghana Athletics looks forward to showcasing the talent and dedication of its athletes at the 2023/24 Africa Games, fostering a spirit of sportsmanship and excellence on the continental stage.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Ms. Philippina Frimpong
CEO, Ghana Athletics
Website: https://athleticsghana.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GhanaAthletics/

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